Monday, April 28, 2008

The Famine Is Over

This summer Tipp FM will be broadcasting a new documentary, entitled ‘The Famine Is Over’.

A one-off programme one-hour in length, it will be about that fateful day in Killarney in 1987 when pride was brought back to the Tipp jersey following the monumental Munster Final replay win over Cork.

The programme will feature players, officials, and experts recounting their experiences of the day itself, the fixtures that led up to it, and the impact it would have on the renaissance experienced in Tipperary hurling over the coming years.

Fans of The Premier County who can recall the match and everything that surrounded it, regardless of whether they were ten or sixty years old at the time, are invited to take part in the programme also. Their emotions as the game progressed, the reaction from the rest of the crowd, the nerves, and indeed the celebrations at the end will all be focussed on.

Radio Producer/Journalist Ciarán Ryan, a native of Newport, will produce the documentary, and it will be supported by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland’s Sound & Vision Scheme, as well as Tipp FM.

Fans interested in being interviewed for the programme are asked to contact Ciarán via email at ciarandryan [at] gmail [dot] com and to include a brief paragraph (about 100-150 words) on what they recall from that day.

The programme is tentatively scheduled for broadcast on Saturday, June 7, the day before Tipp play Cork yet again in the Munster Championship, albeit this time a Semi-Final.

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