Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creeping Nobodies

Toronto-based experimental rock mob The Creeping Nobodies play Limerick next week - October 8th to be exact.

Gotta say I didn't know much about these guys until about a day or so ago, but a couple of tunes from them on their myspace are fairly handy - check "Your Likeness"

Here is them doing an instore at Soundscapes in Toronto, a shop I once spent too much money in

The gig is put on by the folks at Pure Sound (see post below), who are already making themselves fairly busy; it'll be underground at Baker Place. Door tax is €7, with support TBC, and DJs afterwards.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pure Fun

Yet another music collective has started in Limerick. Can only be a good thing.

Pure Sound
include the likes of Don from End/fin/dead, and Síle in their collective.

According to their myspace page, their aims are simple:
"We want to bring Limerick back to its days of glory in which the fantastic AMC were running the show, and place Limerick firmly on the music map."

Their inagural event takes place tomorrow night, Saturday September 27, in Baker Place. Upstairs it is live music with Kerry/Cork hybrid Heliopause, local riff-mongers Sea Dog, and Last Days Of Death Country, which show a more intense side to niceguy singer-songwriter Pa O'Brien. Man, he can hit some notes.

Downstairs (Underground) Itchy and Johnny Doobs are spinning tunes. Word has it that it is gonna be a four-deck set. I may have misheard that though......

Entry is €10, and covers both floors. Best of luck to all involved.

Here is Sea Dog, giving it socks, in the Underground last year, with the best Megadeth-inspired song-title of all time - Cave Mustaine.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Milosh for Belltable date

Just noticed over at the State blog that Canadian electronica artist Milosh is stopping off at Limerick on a mini Irish tour, with Chequerboard, aka Dubliner John Lambert.

Strangely, this is yet to go on the Belltable's own website, so I don't know who is putting on this show. I'm guessing it may be somehow related to Donal Dineen, as he curated the Body & Soul compound at Electric Picnic, and was involved with a show in the Belltable last November, with Si Schroeder & others.

Either way, it should make for an interesting performance on Monday, October 27th. Milosh trades in a nice, downtempo, dreamy-kind of electronica, with soft vocals. Quite like Dntel in a way, and they share the same label - the ace Plug Research.

UPDATE: As the folks at Cheebah have rightly pointed out, The Belltable will actually be closed for renovations when this happens. It seems that Belltable shows will be on at the Red Cross Hall on Cecil Street in the interim.

Check out Milosh in video below, with visuals from the aforementioned Mr Dineen in Cork last year

and also a video here:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gaslamp Killer

Word has it that this dude is gonna be doing a dj set in Limerick sometime in November.

Check him out with Flying Lotus at SXSW:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things are looking up..


Ok....so I'd feel like it is a bit silly to have my name on the top.

For the moment, I'm gonna go with Circa: Now! as it is also the name of a pretty deadly album from Rocket From The Crypt.

After a serious lack of decent shows in Limerick of late, the return of the student community seems to have upped the ante gig-wise.

Local engineer, enviromentalist and solo performer in his own right, Mark O'Connor is giving the two fingers to the much talked of recession, with Recessionfest '08.

O'Connor's theory is that if one looks at history, economic downturns and general bad vibes have generally had a positive impact on all aspects of art, particularly music. With that in mind, this Friday (September 26th), his band along with Dryad's Saddle, aka Garry Carroll, and Squint & Draw play Bakers. It's unknown as of yet whether profits made on the night will be spent on stocking up on canned food.

Also, coming up, the Organised Chaos crew have a plethora of really good shows coming up, with the likes of Cats & Cats & Cats, Hooray For Humans (ahem, conflict of interest), Lite and Adebisi Shank all stopping by town. I've just listened to the new Adebisi record and it sounds savage so far.

Finally, Alasdair Roberts plays Dolan's on October 20th, a Monday night. He played about six or seven years ago upstairs in Costello's under the moniker of Appendix Out, and it was wonderful.

More info on those gigs soon.

In the meantime, here's a vid from LITE.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tweaking into a whole new era....

*This article originally appeared in the Limerick Independent*

Running a festival which encompassed performances and workshops dealing with such ideas as sound-art, interactive media and digital technologies, and electronic music, would certainly not have been plausible until very recently.

Times are changing, and as quick as one can blurt out “holy smokes”, a new festival has landed on our doorstep. Tweak is coming to Limerick, and is undeniably one of the most multi-faceted events to have take place within this realm in not just this city, but the country.

While most people were trying to get over eating too much pudding last Christmas, Nora O’ Murchú came back to work on her Phd at UL revitalised after her holidays, and with plans of running a festival.

“I was trying to explore a couple of alternative avenues in Limerick, and I have a huge love for digital art and wanted to bring that to Limerick city as well,” she explains.

Considering that there are now Masters courses in Interactive Media and Music Technology in UL, and numerous design courses in UL and LSAD, Nora agrees that Limerick is ripe for an event of this stature: “The course-work that’s going on in UL and the Art College is quite reflective of what is going on in Tweak.”

Last February, she started lobbying a number of different people from different disciplines for help, namely Jürgen Simpson and Robin Parmar of Soundings, Sean Taylor at the Art College, and designer/photographer Dave Gilligan, and was met by common enthusiasm.

“I just thought visually I could do a lot to help, and I think myself and Nora had pretty much the same idea once we started to talk about it. From there, it was the usual design process – deciding what we wanted to say and how we wanted to say that,” says Dave

“There was total freedom - we worked closely together, but we were quite consistent in the approach we had to it,” he adds.

Of course, coming up for the name for anything like this can be one of the more perplexing parts of the jigsaw. However, something stuck in Gilligan’s head: “One thing I kept coming back to was where if you’d be djing, producing, sampling, or anything like that; you’d have knobs and dials - things that you’d tweak.”

The workshops element, taking in everything from circuit bending to hacking, and all in between, kicks off on Monday (September 22), and runs all week at the Limerick School of Art and Design.

An open call online for submission proved quite fruitful. “Submissions came from all over the world. We had artwork from Israel, Japan and the States, and workshops from places like Berlin and France. The reaction has been phenomenal, and I didn’t quite expect to get so much feedback straight away. Within two weeks, we pretty much had the programme laid out,” admits Nora.

“We had themes that we wanted to bring into the festival, and we had a few people in mind, so we approached them straight away, which happened with the likes of Digital Slaves and France Cadett,” she adds.

The locations Tweak use are all city-based, which Nora stresses was pretty crucial:

“It is definitely a festival for Limerick City. It is open to the public and the majority of the festival is free. It’s important that people know that it is not just for students.”

Exhibitions will be around the city also, with one particular one hosting five artists at the Istabraq Hall at Limerick City Hall. “They are quite interesting pieces, I think a lot of people will get a kick out of them,” says O’ Murchú.

The nightly talks and performances start on Tuesday night at Trinity Rooms (September 23), with a Noise Night, album launch party for Corrugated Tunnel, Norman Jay, and Candela Sound System all appearing at the Granary venue during the week. The only ticketed event is the Tweak After Party on Saturday night at the Boathouse on Sarsfield Bridge.

One of the key events of the festival is on Thursday night (September 25) at Daghdha, with Soundings curating a line-up.

Robin Parmar of Soundings explains: “It has a lot of different components. Lyric FM co-sponsors a prize every year called the Diffusion prize. It is for young composers, under thirty-five years of age, and it’s for multi-channel, surround-sound compositions. We will be presenting the three winners.”

On top of that, previous winner Lucas Fagin will be showcasing his work, UL’s Kerry Hagan will perform a piece, and esteemed composer and writer of numerous texts, Trevor Wishart will give a talk and performance. “He is amazing for anybody who wants to get into electro-acoustic music and express themselves in a different way, without using formal music notation,” says Robin, visibly excited.

While the music will be playback music, Robin is quick to point out that they will “have the best multi-channel audio speaker system you’re going to ever hear and it puts you right in the middle of the sounds.”

While it has been a hectic process organising the festival, Nora acknowledges that it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Patricia Moriarty, the Department of CSIS and the Interaction Design Centre at UL, and Joe Clarke at the Trinity Rooms, amongst others.

And it seems, eyes are already set on a potential Tweak 2009. “Tweak is unique in Ireland and we hope to take it further from here. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again next year, bigger and better,” says Dave Gilligan.

Tweak runs at various locations around Limerick from Monday, September 22 to Saturday September 27. Tickets for the After Party are available from Empire Records (priced €10). More information from www.tweak.ie

Monday, September 15, 2008

All good things come to an end || Tweak || Crude

First up, next week will be my last column with the Limerick Independent. Recession bites!
With the exception of a four month break last year while travelling, I have been with the paper since day one, so I will miss doing the weekly piece for them.

However, it may actually mean that I use this as some kind of a blog, rather than a giant ad for work I'm doing. I'll try and keep the focus as Limerick as possible, although the folks at Cheebah do a far superior job at that.

A couple of things well worth checking out however are:

1) Tweak Festival is coming to town. This will be running from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 September, encompassing workshops, performances, talks and exhibitions, with a focus on "new interactive art and live electronic music." It's a really smashing line-up, with an obvious highlight for many being the appearance of Trevor Wishart.

I also plan on doing some recordings for a forthcoming radio documentary on this, and of course, you can check this week's Limerick Indo for a lot more info.

Props to Nora O'Murchú and her team, including the Soundings lads and Dave Gilligan for putting this together. Check out the site, and then check out the events.

2) [Crude] magazine is a new magazine coming to Limerick, published by Shane Serrano.
It's great to see young people (I hope that doesn't sound patronising - he is only four years younger than me) take a risk and dip their feet into print media, particularly with the currenty gloomy economic climate. However, there seems to be a good plan behind this, and it's limited edition (1,000 copies/bi-monthly) run may be another attraction for magazine completists. The internet can't completely take over, right?? I will probably be submitting a few columns to this as well.