Monday, September 15, 2008

All good things come to an end || Tweak || Crude

First up, next week will be my last column with the Limerick Independent. Recession bites!
With the exception of a four month break last year while travelling, I have been with the paper since day one, so I will miss doing the weekly piece for them.

However, it may actually mean that I use this as some kind of a blog, rather than a giant ad for work I'm doing. I'll try and keep the focus as Limerick as possible, although the folks at Cheebah do a far superior job at that.

A couple of things well worth checking out however are:

1) Tweak Festival is coming to town. This will be running from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 September, encompassing workshops, performances, talks and exhibitions, with a focus on "new interactive art and live electronic music." It's a really smashing line-up, with an obvious highlight for many being the appearance of Trevor Wishart.

I also plan on doing some recordings for a forthcoming radio documentary on this, and of course, you can check this week's Limerick Indo for a lot more info.

Props to Nora O'Murchú and her team, including the Soundings lads and Dave Gilligan for putting this together. Check out the site, and then check out the events.

2) [Crude] magazine is a new magazine coming to Limerick, published by Shane Serrano.
It's great to see young people (I hope that doesn't sound patronising - he is only four years younger than me) take a risk and dip their feet into print media, particularly with the currenty gloomy economic climate. However, there seems to be a good plan behind this, and it's limited edition (1,000 copies/bi-monthly) run may be another attraction for magazine completists. The internet can't completely take over, right?? I will probably be submitting a few columns to this as well.

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