Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things are looking up..


Ok....so I'd feel like it is a bit silly to have my name on the top.

For the moment, I'm gonna go with Circa: Now! as it is also the name of a pretty deadly album from Rocket From The Crypt.

After a serious lack of decent shows in Limerick of late, the return of the student community seems to have upped the ante gig-wise.

Local engineer, enviromentalist and solo performer in his own right, Mark O'Connor is giving the two fingers to the much talked of recession, with Recessionfest '08.

O'Connor's theory is that if one looks at history, economic downturns and general bad vibes have generally had a positive impact on all aspects of art, particularly music. With that in mind, this Friday (September 26th), his band along with Dryad's Saddle, aka Garry Carroll, and Squint & Draw play Bakers. It's unknown as of yet whether profits made on the night will be spent on stocking up on canned food.

Also, coming up, the Organised Chaos crew have a plethora of really good shows coming up, with the likes of Cats & Cats & Cats, Hooray For Humans (ahem, conflict of interest), Lite and Adebisi Shank all stopping by town. I've just listened to the new Adebisi record and it sounds savage so far.

Finally, Alasdair Roberts plays Dolan's on October 20th, a Monday night. He played about six or seven years ago upstairs in Costello's under the moniker of Appendix Out, and it was wonderful.

More info on those gigs soon.

In the meantime, here's a vid from LITE.

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