Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Double Free Diane Action

That title sounds like some dodgy porn site, but in fact it is just to alert folks that Sicilian four-piece instrumental rockers Diane And The Shell are kicking off an Irish tour, with two free shows tomorrow, Thursday, October 16.

Joining them will be Cork prog-punk crossover types Jezery, no strangers to Limerick.

The first show is at 12.30pm at the Limerick Art College, and then at Baker's later on that night at 9pm. DATS are on Texan label Australian Cattlegod Records (also the Stateside home for Redneck Manifesto).

Here's what Australian Cattlegod have to say about the boyos:
"These four musicians from Catania, Italy are in love with the loudest volume of their amps and have a passion for angular and geometric, yet organic, song structures.The music brings to mind images of a lilting and sensuous dance thousands of feet above terra firma, caressing the outer limits of our atmosphere and roaring back down to earth like a jet airplane. 30,000 Feet Tarantella is a work full of moody irony, joy, and passion. Diane and the Shell illuminates a direct, powerful, and clear sound rich with allegorical metaphors, given life in haunting orchestral arrangements.The grace and sensitivity of their playing belies a maturity and wisdom far beyond their young ages.Their debut, The Red EP, churned forth progressive structures and mutant-disco provocations foreshadowing the fully realized work expressed with this release. 30,000 Feet Tarantella was recorded and mixed by Sacha Tilotta with the artistic production of Agostino Tilotta (Bellini, Uzeda) in one week of amusing and exhilarating delirium."

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