Monday, October 6, 2008

A Full Stop

Managed to drop into Limerick Printmakers over the weekend to check out 'A Full Stop' , a new exhibition from Kieran Herlihy

Some fantastic works from this young Limerick-based artist, who was awarded the 2007/08 Bursary Award from Limerick Printmakers Studio & Gallery, after graduating from LSAD last year. The exhibition is the culmination of the year's work since.

On top of drawing, painting, etc, Herlihy's penchant for graffiti art can also be seen in many of the works, and he uses objects found to paint or draw on - for instance, a door is used for one piece, another piece uses what looks like some kind of large can/cylinder type-thing, not unlike one of these (without the glass of beer), but probably completely different to that.

Argh, I'm no good at describing art, so just read the blurb here.

Kieran, who seemed like a pleasant chap when I dropped by, will be around, and adding to the exhibition, as it runs until October 23rd, so do check it out.


DetritusTV said...

You are making Limerick seem faintly interesting. Amazing!

Sweet said...

quite a feat indeed ;)
Only messin....put a piece about yer OOAL gig on my blog. Hopefully one person will read it! :D