Thursday, October 9, 2008

Katie Kim/ Creeping Nobodies

First up, anybody who made it down to Bakers last night for Creeping Nobodies got themselves a wee treat - part SY, part Sleater-Kinney (and various riot grrl acts), and totally art-rock (ah, that genre of vagueness that you can use anytime you want).

Picked up a record from them afterwards called 'Augurs & Auspices' - the name alone is promising...I can report back later on the quality if anybody is interested.

Couple of quick observations:
1) a small enough turn-out, which wasn't that surprising considering it was a) Limerick, and b)a Wednesday night.
2) Why do people leave Bakers, and just spend their time in the smoking room? There was a mass exodus from the Underground after support band Laminate Reno, and the majority of people didn't seem to resurface for the Creeping Nobodies
3) Shut up!!! I've never expressed Nazi-esque tactics over years of going to gigs when people start talking, or have never gone "ssssssh", but last night I got close. As it turned out, about 7 or 8 people stayed to actually "watch" the band. It was very visible who we were, as we were on the dancefloor part. However, some twits behind me had the loudest conversation, full of giggling and whatnot, completely in view of the band. It was a conversation that should have happened out in the smoking zone.

Anyway, rant over...

Tonight, at the same venue down Tait Square, Katie Kim plays with Waterford outfit Deaf Animal Orchestra. Can't admit to knowing much about DAO, but the mighty Donal Dineen played a couple of tracks from Katie Kim, and she sounds good.

There isn't much else on in town, unless Mary Black is your thing (playing the Warehouse).

The youtube clips were a bit crap, so don't bother; listen to the tunes on myspace instead.

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DetritusTV said...

Noise police are a dangerous breed. Who shsssshes the shssshers? That's the question.
People who talk at gig are cunts though.