Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mid-Week Madness - Electronique

Update - The below post is a little bit irrelevant now, as it turns out that Electronique has to be cancelled next week. Apparently, Daffy's are undergoing renovations at the moment. Shame they didn't inform everybody else before they broke open the tins of Dulux. Hopefully, there'll be some Electronique action soon though.
Next Wednesday (not today), but Wednesday October 8 has a host of good things happening. Now, we can be thankful for students in Limerick coming back, as they are the only ones with money these days!

Not only is there that Creeping Nobodies gig mentioned below, and Manchester fiddler Dezi Donnelly is in town at Dolan's, but it also marks the second night of the monthly Electronique nights at Daffy's Basement on Catherine Street.

This is worth checking out - first up, it is free; secondly, it is offering a range of "diverse electronic beats" which, let's face it, you probably won't find anywhere else in the city; and finally, it has djs from some of the guys responsible for Limerick's longest running drum n' bass night, Nu Killa Beats.

Code and Bee will be dishing out the tunes.

(Here's Bee doing said dishing out of tunes)
Here's the copy and paste part:

This new night kicked off in September aiming to cover new territories as far as the cities sound transmissions are concerned. Code and Bee took to the controls on a mission to make Daffy’s basement a home for under-appreciated beats of the dubstep and techno variety. The Dj’s admit to being unsure that the crowd would respond favourably to the experimental vibe on offer but the success of the opening night has encouraged them to take a monthly excursion with their sound-system to the Catherine Street venue. The popularity of new music technology courses in local colleges is partly responsible for giving this injection of interest in esoteric electronica but it is also clear that many who attended the debut night welcomed the novelty of having somewhere to dance outside of the weekend.

Wednesday the 8th of October is the date for the next instalment. Expect to hear Aphex Twin, Jeff Mills, Burial, Digital Mystikz, Boxcutter, Carl Craig, LFO, The Future Sound Of London and other electronic music luminaries in the mix.

The vibe will be chilled enough early in the night and the more tacky shakin' beats will get played towards the end. So, come on down and check out a slightly different sound to what you are used to hearing out and about in Limerick.

It all kicks off at half nine. Worth checkin' for sure.

Tonight, Wednesday October 1, if you are not watching the 'Pool against PSV (I have this weird feeling it could be a struggle), the good burgers from Limerick Jazz Society have the Mark McKnight Quintet in town, Upstairs in Dolan's.


Sherbert Balloon said...

I hear Daffy's got closed down, our gig there on Friday is cancelled!

Code_SubtleAudio said...

We're back this Thursday March 19th @ a new location - Iaasc Taylor's (aka Bentlys Basement) on O'Connell St from 10:30pm - 2am ! Late bar too ! 3 Euro in...