Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Rarely Seen Above Ground, aka RSAG, aka Kilkenny-lad Jeremy Hickey, gives his new album Organic Sampler the plugging treatment tomorrow (Wednesday) night when he stops off in Limerck.

Hickey plays Trinity Rooms. If you haven't seen him just yet, this is well worth checking out. If you have seen him, just ignore the next paragraph.

Basically, RSAG live is Hickey doing drums and vocals, with the backing tracks all recorded (though played by Hickey initially) However, it looks COOL, as silhouettes of Hickey playing those other instruments appear in the visuals behind and to the side of him, making it a more multimedia experience. Nice.

However, none of this would be much cop if there were absolutely no tunes to back it up; it would actually just be a mere novelty. Thankfully, Hickey has some decent tunes in his back pocket, very much evident on his debut album with the electronic label Psychonavigation Records. I reckon every review (well, every one I have seen) has mentioned his David Byrne-esque yelp, and sure, it is very much there. Also, check out his love of afrobeat throughout.

Check in on his myspace page, and guess what? His two top influences are Fela Kuti and Talking Heads....no shit, Sherlock. Oh yeah, drum-enthusiasts - he is good, really good. All that you guys hear are drums anyway, so you are gonna be all over this like a rat on cheese.

Good stuff all 'round.

Here is a short video clip:

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