Monday, October 13, 2008

A trip to the pictures

In recent times, trips to the cinema have become less and less enjoyable. People slurping mega-sized cokes, and crunching popcorn, alongside frequent chatter, and the fact that a fair percentage of the fodder dished out by Hollywood that make it to the multiplex cinemas aren't worth the admission price, all adds up to a lot of people just opting to stay at home.

However, one shining light in Limerick over the years has been the Belltable Film Club.

Kicking off tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 14), with highly acclaimed The Kite Runner (haven't seen it yet, but have only heard good things), there is a fantastic range of films on over the coming months at the Belltable's temporary home at the Red Cross Hall on Cecil Street.

All films kick off at 8pm (sharp I have noticed - real time, not Irish time); and tickets are €6. Also, there'll be no popcorn, but you can grab a drink before it starts there (although I dunno what the bar story is in Red Cross Hall - if anybody can fill me in here, that'd be much appreciated.

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