Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gaslamp Killer Saturday

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing The Gaslamp Killer in town on Saturday night at Baker Place. This one is brought to us courtesy of the two Johns at Kerrynini, who after putting on a rake of ace shows in Kerry and Cork, are now starting to become more prominent in the Treaty city.

With typical lazy journalistic fervour, I'm gonna copy and paste the press release (don't judge me: other hacks get paid to do that)...before that let's just say it's gonna be a cracking night etc, Cork/Kerry boyos Heliopause are apparently really well worth checking out, and King Dumb will be lashing in some visuals to make it an aural/oral/visual musical odyssey that could get as sweaty as Jack L's hair grease...

Here's the blurb:

People of Limerick. We here at Kerrynini have been resting on our laurels lately, spending too much time waxing our backs and manicuring our moustaches instead running events and gigs. But this is set to change. The finger is officially pulled out, and we've been lucky enough to convince one of the most musically and visually erratic DJs in the world to swing by for a night of psychedelic wonderment.

Gaslamp Killer is all hair, beards, beats and cuts. Regarded by many as the mixtape king du jour, his 'I'll Spit on Your Grave' and 'Protons' mixes are unpredictable journeys where the likes of Can and Nirvana are spliced together with Flying Lotus and Sixtoo. Dude is infamous for taking the psychedelic slant towards rocking a dancefloor, recently touring Japan and regularly playing at Andy Votel's B-Music night in England.

He's a busy chap, being one of the permanent record spinners at Los Angeles' Low End Theory night, an employee of Turntablelab and a contributor to the Dublab collective along with Daedelus and Flying Lotus. We cannot recommend this guy enough for fans of obscure abstract beats, razor sharp cuts, debonair flair and a slab of humour. You've been warned. This guy is gonna be HUGE!

Support on the night comes from Killarney 4 piece Heliopause. These instrumental prog-psych soldiers were one of the first bands we hosted at Kerrynini many moons ago, back when they were younger, less hairy and a had a glint of danger in their eyes. They still have that same glint, but nowadays they smack of confidence, musicianship and an unwillingness to be pigeon-holed. Their self-titled debut EP was released earlier this year and the lads have toured the country extensively in the last few years, rampaging through various towns and cities.

Records will be spun on the night by Kerrynini male models, TheManWithNoName, Johnny Doobs and King Dumb. Expect lots of electronica, psych, funk, hiphop, afro-beat and dubstep.

All in attendance are urged to dance wildly. Starts at 10, ends after 2 - what more could you want? SEATS ARE NOT FOR FEET!!!

Check out this video of Gaslamp (there are plenty more on youtube) to get an indication of his abilities, as the guy in the crowd about 30 seconds in says, "God damn, that was seamless"

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