Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laura Sheeran Cancelled/MJEX/Other bits

Apologies for complete lack of/shoddy updates. A number of things have happened in the past week, leading me to wipe my whole laptop and start again. Anyway, less of these ramblings.

Galway lass Laura Sheeran will not be making the trip down to Baker Place on Friday night; however, the folks at the Pure Sound Collective assure us that all is still go for their Library Tapes gig next Monday (more on that later in the week). However, all is not lost, as the awesome Gaslamp Killer is in town on Saturday night (more on that tomorrow), and Ireland's most renowned hip hop group (they must be sick of being called Ireland's only hip-hop group of note by numerous folks in the media) Messiah J & The Expert play Trinity Rooms on Friday. Their third longplayer 'From The Word Go' seems to be picking up rave reviews at the mo'.

From said album, here's 'Megaphone Man'

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