Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Printmakers Winter Exhibition

The busy folks at Limerick Printmakers have announced a jam-packed Members Winter Exhibition that will run for almost a month, starting next week.

The ninth year of such going on sees a plethora of locally-based artists and printmakers exhibit some of their work. I almost got dizzy trying to read through the list of 40+ contributors, but the artists include Margaret Becker, Mike Byrne, Laura Carey, Deirdre Gallagher, Vincent Casey, Wendy Dison, Clare Gilmour, Charles Harper, Kieran Herlihy, Elaine Hurley, Mary Meskell, Gavin Hogg, David Lilburn, Breda Lynch, Marian Mc Grath, Meg Kenny, Dan Kenny, Jane Murtagh, Michael O'Connor, Ya Nan Wang, Des Mac Mahon, Mary O'Dea, Suzannah O'Reilly, Derek O'Sullivan, Eithne Deloughry O'Byrne, Fiona Quill, Paul Tarpey, and Gillian Kenny among others.

The exhibition will be opened by Sinéad Dinneen, from the Visual Arts Education module at Mary Immaculate College, and all that happens on Thursday, November 27 at 8pm.

It will run until December 23, so you don't have much excuse to not visit it. While there, it may be worth checking out becoming a friend of the printmakers (a sponsorship schemes), and kids can enrol in new courses kicking off in the New Year in printmaking.


Andy said...

it's a pity the staff are a bit ignorant there. I went in looking for info and the response I got was to go look on their website. nice.

Anonymous said...

the show is not even original. the members of the club have been doing the same old originality..dublin has a better printmaking scene for sure..I agree with Andy.the staff are ignorant for sure..

Andy said...

@ Anon
and it's not only the staff, I got that impression from management as well. I ventured in, on recommendation from a colleague enquiring about the forthcoming exhibition (walls were blank at that point) and requested some info. Was blankly told to go look it up on the website! Also checked out their boxset offer..a complete rip off!

Ciarán Ryan said...

yikes....interesting to hear folks....haven't had any particular gripes with the printmakers but has anybody else had problems? Oh, and thanks Andy and Anon for your input...cheers guys