Friday, November 7, 2008

A quiet enough weekend

Over the bank holiday weekend a few weeks ago, there was so much going on, but things are after slowing down ever so slightly.

This weekend, entertainment/arts options in Limerick are somewhat limited but certainly not non-existent.

Mickey Martins (where I ended up for the first time in a long time on Monday night) have our old mucker Johnny Doobs messing about tonight, and the Cheebah lads are in charge tomorrow.

Fans of trash metal will have a good time as Castletroy young lads Soloway are in action in Bakers on Saturday night. Doors are 9pm, and admission is just five bucks.

The ongoing Belltable Sessions return on Sunday night, with Driftwood Manor, Audrey Ryan, Emma Small and Rathkeale's Brendan Markham on the bill. It's a neat enough, if tried and trusted, idea - basically unplugged sessions from bands in intimate surroundings. While it may not be the warmest room in the world temperature wise, the Belltable's current digs at the Red Cross Hall could make it a cosy evening. I checked out a wee bit of Driftwood Manor, which is some interested trad/folk/rock hybrid thing, and I half-expected that on the basis of her name that Audrey Ryan may have once lined out at right corner-forward for the blue & gold camogie side, but she is in fact an American songstress who sounded a wee bit like Aimee Mann, until my computer gave up.

Oh yeah, my computer is giving lots of problems this week, so updates may be slow.

Have a good weekend; I'm off to Liverpool to watch some football. Huzzah.


Anonymous said...

I heard your hitchhiking documentary on the radio today. It was pretty good, kept on coming back to it. I thought I was listening to newstalk. It was a real surprise to hear the Spin jingle follow it. They could do with more of this.

Ciarán Ryan said...

thanks anonymous...