Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nu Killa Xmas Shenanigans

Limerick's premier drum n'bass crew - ok, Limerick's only drum & bass crew Nu Killa Beats have their Christmas bash this Friday night, Underground at Baker Place.

The night will be tinged with a wee bit of sadness, as it sees the departure of one of the crew's djs Cain, who is absconding to Spain in the New Year....lucky so-and-so. Cain (pictured, in case you wanna give him a going away drink) has been with them for eight years, so I'm sure the combination of Christmas partying and this departure will make for hardly a dry eye in the house. Yup, them drum & bass heads are really a big bunch of softies.

Also on the line up is Code (Subtle Audio/Spin South West), and doors are 11pm, with the always reasonable door-tax set at a festive friendly five bucks before 11.30 (seven after that)

On a complete sidenote, Conor (Code) from NKB/Subtle Audio has always come across as a bit of a top bloke on the phone/mails, and after a few years of such correspondence, I recently had a fleeting face-to-face encounter with the chap, who was just as pleasant in real-life. So props to Conor, particularly for the fact that he has been at the helm of this for NINE years now. Happy Birthday in January guys.

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