Monday, December 15, 2008

Tis The Season For Tribute Bands & Panto...or is it?

Alright, back from the edge... Have soaked up a number of episodes of The Wire, read a number of football biographies, and am almost ready to head back to the work. No better time to take a look at the Christmas listings then, eh?

First up, I've always thought this time of year is synonymous with absolute rubbish when it came to the live front, even more crap than the xmas telly schedules.

Nevertheless, there are a nice few bits n' pieces happening over the festive season. First up, at Dolan's, a number of juicy shows are on the horizon. I've never been totally convinced by Cathy Davey. Her debut album Tales Of Silversleeve was much-fawned over by scribes and the public alike, but bar a few very nifty numbers, I found it a little underwhelming. I've yet to see her live, but have heard she has packs a bigger live punch than expected. You can find out Wednesday night at Dolan's.

The following night, at the same venue, Live 95fm's Alan Jacques will be bringing his Green & Live Sessions to the Warehouse for a Christmas hoedown. Black Daisy, Walter Mitty & The Realists and Supermodel Twins are amongst those involved, with giveamanakick djing afterwards, and it is all for free. Nice one Alan.

Speaking of giveamanakick, since 2004, they have made it a Christmas tradition to play a hometown gig, starting in the High Stool, then a few years Upstairs in Dolan's, and now for the second year in a row at Baker Place. All kinds of mayhem is promised, including raffles, cover versions (anyone remember giveamanakaraoke from a few years back) and some solid slabs of rock like this:

That takes us up to this weekend. Over next week there is a nice seasonal emphasis on some of Limerick's finest, with shows from Sea Dog (Bakers, December 22nd), Mark O'Connor (Baker's, December 23rd), We Should Be Dead's farewell show (Warehouse, Stephen's night), Brad Pitt Light Orchestra (Upstairs, same night), and the much-anticipated second appearance of The Rubberbandits (Trinity Rooms, December 28th)

More on all of them to come, but plenty of options on the horizon to shake off any icicles... Oh, and Franz Ferdinand sold out in double-quick time. Nice coup for Dolan's to get 'em, even if I think they sound like a pair of dried up old socks.

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