Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Stephen's Night sees two of Limerick's finest acronyms play in Dolan's, but in seperate rooms. WSBD - or We Should Be Dead to their Mams, play the Warehouse in what is surely their biggest hometown headliner to date. It will also be their last for some time sadly, as the four-piece have got their visas and are hitting the USA (LA to be exact) in the New Year, where they'll be for the next year (or perhaps even longer if all goes to plan?) Doors are 8pm, and admission is €10

Also at the same time and the same price, BPLO - Brad Pitt Light Orchestra will perform in the surroundings of the Upstairs rooms at the Alphonsus St/Dock Road venue. BPLO have just recently done a session on the Paul McLoone show on Today Fm. That 'December' tune is pretty damn catchy - they could yet be the Limerick Camera Obscura (that folks is a very good thing in my book)

Finally, RBs - actually nobody has ever called them that; I was just going for consistency. Anyway, Limerick's premier hiphop/comedy crossover act Rubberbandits play only their second ever gig in Trinity Rooms on December 28. Taking the piss outta a load of shams is pretty easy work, and can sound pretty tired and lame, but I gotta say I've enjoyed the 'bandits tunes. Also, add in that the production is fairly nifty too. High fives. Check out this review over at Cheebah from their last gig. Beware: set may only contain one tune.

Here's a vid for Bag Of Glue, a sure-fire hit already. Have a good festive season and I'll drop back next week with albums of the year (think the list is gonna be about 30)

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keefe said...

The Shanaboolie Massive

like the rubberbandits but infinitely better