Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How do you like them eggs?

DJ Scotch Egg is in town tomorrow night. The Japanese chipcore, Gameboy-loving, merchant was supposed to play in Limerick sometime last year, but the tour was cancelled (I think it had something to do with a stolen van or something like that). On top of noisey distorted mayhem, expect Scotch Egg to throw himself into the showman role; by all accounts his live shows consist of a man on a rampage roaring all kinds of random shit and swear words your mother wouldn't like you to hear. Also, he has some weird fascination with KFC - yes, the chicken crowd.

It all takes place in Baker Place, and is brought to you by the Pure Sound Collective, this being their first gig of the year. Support comes from Endfindead and DJ Deadly Buzz. Doors are 9pm, and admission is a paltry €5.

Here's a Scotch Egg video:

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