Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunken Foal On Friday, Glór Film Club, Road RIP

Howdy folks,

Bizarrely, as I type this up, me old buzzer Aoife B has informed that I got a few nominations in the Irish Blog Awards, an event I wasn't entirely aware of, but am nonetheless appreciative of. I suppose I better tidy this place and get down with some more regular content in case any of the judges are spying. I still reckon the only reason the clicks came into here was because I scooped thirty cds in a competition on Jim's blog. Good to see a nice Limerick representation in everything from food to music to news, in particular the guys at Cheebah, who everybody knows run the best blog in town, and were at before I jumped on the bandwagon.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, before the stink of my own self-pride knocks you all out. It just happens to be good timing that January is nearing its end, and plenty more entertainment options are coming our way.

First up, Sunken Foal is in town this weekend, playing Friday night in Bakers Place. Was half-expecting the Sunken Foal album to make the Choice shortlist last week on the wildcard front, but there was very little wildcard about those nominations as it turned out (Mick Flannery and The Script??Yikes...) Anyway, back to Sunken Foal; he (Dunk Murphy) is doing a live electronic set, as is Nevus, and the night is run by Brigadier JC. Doors are at 9pm, admission is €7, and the hope is for more regular electronic events to be run by the same fella. Good on him.

Here's some copy and paste bits on SF:
"Sunken Foal a.k.a. Dunk Murphy has just released his debut album 'Fallen Arches' on Planet-Mu Records along with an E.P. 'Fermented Condiments'. He has been making both electronic and acoustic music for over ten years as part of projects such as Ambulance and The Natural History Museum. His music consists of intensely evocative guitar-based electronics, with piano, strings and occasional vocals which build up and then collapse under the weight of digital rhythms that twist and turn at every juncture. His live shows incorporate gently processed guitars, manually triggered heavy distorted rhythms and dense melodic soundscapes with each show as unique as the next"

Vox Populi and a host of other Limerick acts are in the Warehouse on the same night, but I'll have more on that later in the week.

Also, I have recently upped sticks and moved to booming Ennis (yes, I should change the "About" section, so from now on, I'll also cover things happening out here, as well as in Limerick city, and surrounding areas. I'll start by heartily endorsing the Sunday night Film Club at the lovely Glór Theatre - went there just this week, and for €7, you get a quality flick along with tea and biscuits.

Finally, and incredibly sadly, the fantastic Dublin independent record store Road Records is set to close its doors. Limerick can relate to the complete lack of indie stores since the closedown of Black Spot some years back, and the gradual demise of Empire, and now it seems like folks in the capital are dealing with the same. This place was always a stop on any journey to Dublin - long live Road.

On a brighter note, here's a vid from Sunken Foal. Enjoy!


michelle said...

See now I know the cooler thing to do is not be bothered whether or not you were nominated, so could you just not be cool for once! Good stuff dude, and nice to see Clare hasn't quietened you at all... :)

Aoife B said...

I like being the buzzer, I mean bearer, of good news! ;) well done on the nominations dude, well deserved!

Ciarán Ryan said...

Cheers guys. Good to see you got into the blogging Michelle. must have an ol gawk now...