Friday, January 23, 2009

Vox Populi Tonight & More Awards Guff

Local post proggers Vox Populi play their biggest headliner to date with a hoedown tonight at Dolan's Warehouse. Neatly coinciding with my recent Limerick/Clare crossover with this blog, two Limerick acts and two Clare acts appear on this bill; yet, this will be more cordial than a rumble at Cusack Park or the Gaelic Grounds.

Vox Pop member Kevin is hitting Ghana to do some charideeee work, so "some of the money" is going towards that; the rest undoubtedly towards entertaining groupies upstairs in the Dolan's bandroom with copious amounts of Linden Village and Refresher sweets.

Anyway, the line up in full is: Vox Populi, Mark O'Connor, Dryad's Saddle and Ennis boyos Cities. I recently got a copy of the Cities EP, which has a pretty nice 65daysofstatic feel about it, but they ruined all that with a silly Muse remix at the tend. Ah sure, they're young and all that, they'll learn. Damage is a recession-fuck off price of just €8, and for that, you get to save the world, and experience the Wembley Stadium Dolan's lighting, as well as four choice acts.

In other news, the MAMCA Awards take place tomorrow night in a swish Limerick hotel. The wha? I hear you ask, dear readers. The Mid West Arts Media Culture Awards folks...In further self-congratulation and ego-boasting (yes, the second time this week), yours truly will be throwing on some kind of suit, after receiving two award nominations. Just don't be expecting any wins or any Kate Winslet-esque speech if I actually do. Ok, enough already. My back is getting sore from patting it myself.

Adios folks, have a good weekend.

Vox Populi vid to get you in the mood:

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Aoife B said...

Dude! congrats on the noms! How did you get on?