Monday, February 16, 2009

The Frost Is Thawing

Hey, are the kids on mid-term this week? It appears so, and while not quite so in the manner of Spring Break-esque bedlam, the big freeze in terms of arts and entertainment activity is starting to thaw out, and the dawning of Spring is seeing a wee kick up the behind in such action.

While there may not be a flood of options, Limerick looks a bit more exciting this week. First up, the good folks at Limerick Jazz Society's Spring programme kicks off with the John Moriarty Group at Dolan's Upstairs room on Wednesday.

The same night also sees the weekly Whitehouse Poets night at the Whitehouse on O'Connell Street. Former Poetry Ireland editor Mark Roper is in the hotseat this weekend. More poetry out the county on Thursday night, when Cork poet Billy Ramsell leads an open mic night at the Library in Newcastle West.

Wednesday and Thursday also sees the performance of The Gentlemen's Tea-Drinking Society at the Belltable, brought to town by the folks at Ransom Productions in Belfast. None other than David Holmes is responsible for the score of this production, but don't expect him to be in attendance as he "doesn't do live shows", according to the organisers of the underwhelming Choice Music Prize. Alan has more info over here.

The Funkshun nights return to Underground at Baker Place on Friday night, with Ian Wright. Nope, this ain't the prolific ex-Arsenal striker/cheeky-chappy tv bloke, but a UK bastion of funk, soul, etc.

Upstairs that night at Bakers also sees Shannon boy Kyon launch their album with support from Alkali Flat and Cities. Three Clare acts in one night. Who woulda thunk it?

More on some of this things as the week progresses. Huzzah!

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