Monday, February 9, 2009

Round Up - mags, gigs, misc.

At the weekend, the second edition of [crude] magazine hit various stands, shop counters and the sweaty palms of punters at their launch hootenany at Baker Place on Saturday night. While declaring some personal interest in this venture (I'm responsible for co-ordinating the dashing reviews section), I must say the team involved have certainly upped the ante second time out - the content is a vast improvement from the first issue and the design is pretty ace. There is also a rapid new website up at

Speaking of Bakers, happy birthday to Nick, Shane and crew, who celebrate two years in their current guise, with a very long weekend of shenanigans, starting this Thursday night (February 12th) and running up until Sunday afternoon with a metal-fest going under the pretty smart banner of Siege of Limerick.

Also, there is word that 2Unlimited hit Limerick next week. Be afraid, be very afraid...Better news may be that Alias Empire (nee Dry County) should be back in the treaty city come April direction, new name and new tunes in hands. More on that later.


The Sexy Pedestrian said...

2Unlimited... CLASS!

Shane said...

I'm always 100 % sure that 2 unlimited played in the theatre royal in early to mid 90s. Think the 4th dimension from Killarney supported. Can't remember the promoter.

Ciarán Ryan said...

some of the guys from the 4th dimension ended up making some pretty decent electronica a few years ago, with placid recordings.