Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Sly Foxes

So, has anybody out there given this a go yet?

For those of you too lazy, here's the copy and paste bit:
"Real Foxes Are Creeping Up is an audio-based detour, a piece of site specific performance art for one person. It goes in through your ears and out through your feet. Each tour lasts 30 minutes. At the starting point, you pick up an mp3 player, a set of headphones and a hand drawn map. A voice describes your surroundings and takes you on a journey through public and private spaces, using the architecture of the city as stage design and the real history of the city and its contemporary environment as the basis for a narrative exploration.

If you've done it what's it like? Arty claptrap or thought-provoking and insightful? Or a mixture of both? Seems worth a punt for the fiver charge, yeah?


Shane said...

Definitely worth a punt. You need closer to an hour though as it doesn't actually start at Belltable, you collect and then start at your start and finish spot which is the tourist office. It is just really nice to amble along at a VERY leisurely pace. Not the route you would predict either. Some nice bits, I'm not going to spoil it. Just make sure you give yourself enough time, no point speeding it up. Was a wee bit low on the volume front I felt.
Apparently I was the first person to do the tour. I did it this morning after reading this so thanks for reminding me to do it.
Obvious next step is to put it up on the internet so that people can download it and do the tour at their own time.

Ciarán said...

excellent shane. Next time I hit the city, I'll give it a whirl so!