Monday, February 2, 2009


Limerick's Unfringed Festival for '09 kicked off last Friday night (January 30th) and runs until this Saturday night, February 7th. As always, it is curated by the folks at The Belltable.

A few bits n'pieces have already happened, and theatre, comedy and music are all catered for over the week.

Some things yet to happen include:
Choke Comedy Improv: You get the idea from the name obviously. Anyway, this is a ninety minute show including some local folks as Myles Breen and Ann Blake, and it puts the audience in control. It has potential to be great craic or a load of old pants. We're hoping more for the former. It's on this Wednesday at 10pm; the late kick-off allowing people to get some bit oiled up before heckling the performers...That's not a suggestion by the way.

Classical guitarist Redmond O'Toole takes to the stage on Thursday night. It could be an unusual sighting. According to the lad's own blurb: "
he plays an 8-string 'Brahms guitar' in the cello position connected to a special resonating box."

The ongoing Off The Wall performances at LCGA also look like they are worth checking out too.

Most of the happenings are at The Belltable's temp home at Cecil Street. Phone 061-319866 for tickets.

Here's Redmond O'Toole strutting his stuff:

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