Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why Would Anyone Put On A Gig?

This is exactly the question put to eight Limerick and Cork folks by myself as part of a discussion recently held in Dolan's (Limerick). The eight folks, all involved in running various shows in their respective cities, will share their knowledge and experiences with the good burgers that are going to read Issue 3 of [crude] magazine which hits shelves in the coming week.

Indeed, so flowing was the debate that this is just part 1 of a two-parter, with the gripping conclusion unleashed in the June issue of crude.

For those who can't wait to pick up [crude] in stores, the spanking new issue is launched Saturday night at Baker Place, Limerick, with The Hot Sprockets, Dryad's Saddle, and Last Days of Death Country all strutting their stuff, and rather bizarrely, there'll also be live tattooing taking place. Surely a health and safety risk if ever. Remember kids, don't get a tat if you've drank a litre of whiskey....there'll be a load of blood.


John said...
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Shane said...

John above is getting in comments all over the place.

Anyway article looks and reads really well as does the magazine.

Ciarán said...

thanks Shane,
I've actually removed John's comment now. Quite a busy man our "John"; maybe he alone can sort out our economy and give jobs to all.