Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's been a while I suppose...

Apologies, apologies, dear loyal readers (hi Mum!)

Most of you probably forgot this page existed; others probably delighted in the absense, expecting it to be the demise of this page. In all reality however, I am fooling myself. Nobody probably noticed. I've been marooned in the wilds of Clare with an ever-growing work schedule, so commitment to this blog has dropped somewhat. I've also thoroughly enjoyed myself at ATP Vs The Fans (Irish former boutique fests could learn a thing or two about picking a line-up).

Anyway, I will endeavour to make at least a weekly entry from now on. However, I would recommend folks click on the Cheebah and On The Beat blogs for more insightful and regular Limerick-related shenanigans.

So, what's happening ; actually, not a heck of a lot at the moment from what I can see. Is Limerick set to encounter its annual summer cultural slowdown. I suppose college exams are finishing up, which usually signals a complete lack of activity around the city. Could this be the year when that changes? Not likely unfortunately.

A few recent things:
  • The Speakeasy Jazz night kicked off in the Rowing Club last week, and will be back the second week of June by all accounts.
  • This is the last week of E+VA, finishing up on Sunday
  • The LSAD Degree show kicks off June 13th, as per Limerick Blogger.
Comment below on other bits n'pieces that have popped up for you recently, or are on the horizon.

Proper updates in next week or so. I promise.


Aoife B said...

Good to see ya back in the blogosphere! Better fill us in on the mad nights out that happen in Clare....! ;)

Alan Owens said...

I was going to send out a search party! Welcome back..

Lottie said...

Welcome back.

I have a hankering for Jazz now.